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2007-12-19 00:31:14 by kartoonkid

so I Got My TABLET and its the most BALLA SHIT EVA!

so basically i got my new tablet and it already makes me look way cooler.(see illistration below.) I have a wacom 4 x 6 intuos 3 from best buy and hooked it right up and it worked. once i installed teh software it already new my screen dimensions! The reason people say its hard to use a tablet is because instead of moving your wrist like a mouse (which it also comes with, (which just so happens to have 5 buttons and a 4 way mouse wheel!)) you move your whole arm to navigate around the screen.
but by playing with the pen for 10 minutes i already got the hang of it.

it has a touch sensitive bar on the tablet its self (like an ipod) and 4 buttons right on the tablet itself. 1024 levels of sensitiveity (yet not emo!) and tilt sensitivity! There is 2 buttons on the pen itself and you can turn it around and use the other side as an eraser not just for your drawing but even to erase text! 4 extra programs, a bitchin magnetic pen stand, and with vista you get a wicked cool handwriting typer thingy, you can literally not need a keyboard if you wanted.

this is AWSOME!


tablet ass...

2007-12-14 00:54:29 by kartoonkid

omg! my gf is getting me das tablet. DAS CREAM DAS JEANS!

i cant wait to get it so i can make some QUALITY flash. i also want to make an anti anime thread that gets a billion replies.

hell yeah

2007-12-02 05:30:48 by kartoonkid

i just added shit to my profile so now i look like a pimp! wootz!

im down

2007-08-06 23:27:36 by kartoonkid

If anyone wants to make a cartoon im down. lemme know.